Paleo Diets

A beginner's guide to the Paleo lifestyle.

PALEO DIETS: Discover the world of Paleo Diets, Paleo Recipes, and Cross-Fit training with this handy introduction to the caveman diet. This FREE, feature-rich app has everything you need to get started in the Paleo or Primal lifestyle.

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-Paleo Foods: identify healthy Paleo friendly foods, restricted foods, and Paleo diet alternatives
-Paleo Recipes: browse recipes for beginners with color pics (breakfast, dinner, & sides)
-Paleo Recipes: browse recipes for experienced Paleo ‘life-stylers’ with fresh recipe feeds updated daily
-Paleo Blog Feeds: READ daily posts from leading online Paleo Lifestyle resources
-Paleo Podcasts: LISTEN to regular podcasts from the gurus in the field
-Primal Videos: WATCH informative videos on caveman diets and Cross-Fit exercises

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